Epistle to America

I sent the following letter to my close friends and family affected by the recent election in the US. I think it belongs here, too.   Dear Friends, How does one teach a class on Dorothy Wordsworth the morning after the election? With patience, with love, with the careful vibrations of a tuning fork to … More Epistle to America

labour day classic and what i learned about running

So it’s Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend (my favourite holiday) and my blog still hasn’t moved past my first weekend in the cabin. I had some friends over for a lovely dinner today and we did some bushwacking to work up the appetites. It’s getting colder out there – Friday saw our first snow fall (flurries! … More labour day classic and what i learned about running

locked out

The bathroom in the cabin has beautiful, antique glass doorknobs. In fact, the whole bathroom is a work of art in its own right, beginning with the garden hose shower-head. I’ve never had such a good (and versatile!) shower-head. The problem with such antique beauties is that, nostalgic as they are, they also don’t always … More locked out

the ancient forest

On our way over here, I promised dad some big trees. Now, whereas the pines in these parts are tall, they’re not imposing unless viewed collectively. And anyway, Ontario has plenty of pines. But I remembered that when I visited last year, my supervisor took me to a place called ‘The Ancient Forest’ – a … More the ancient forest

the lost lettuce

This is a post about how dad and I lost a lettuce. David (perhaps the only voice of reason within our family) had left that afternoon, which left dad and me to our own devices. Much of it consisted of normal things – exploring ‘downtown’ Prince George, going to Costco, visiting the campus, showing off my … More the lost lettuce


During our trans-Canada trip, we stayed with a very dear friend Jared who hosted us not only with the utmost hospitality but with strength of character like I’ve never seen before. Jared’s girlfriend Jo was diagnosed with glioblastoma (the same form of brain cancer Gord Downie has) 18 months ago. She’d done so much in … More Jo